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I recently completed a design for a board game.  Unfortunately it’s not an official product, but a fan made spinoff of the popular Ticket to Ride game.


Ticket to Ride: Centuries board game


While the standard Ticket to Ride map features one major country (or continent, depending on the map), as you can see this version features 3 copies of the UK.  It represents 3  “Centuries” – 1895, 1995, and 2095 – with elements of Time Travel added into the game.


It can be tricky to design a board game.  You have a lot of information to represent clearly in a limited amount of space; and it has to be functional and leave room for players to place trains.  In addition, you have the sets of cards which carry their own details; in this case, destination cities and times and a point value.


Destination Tickets


If you head over to www.islaythedragon.com you can find out more about Ticket to Ride and this fan-made variation.

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